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To make the best mashed potatoes, there are few hacks that are going to take them over the top. None of them are hard read on for more!

1. Use the Right Potatoes If you want creamy potatoes, Yukon Gold is the way to go. They don't absorb a lot of water when they cook, so there's less of a chance of over mashing them.

2. Use Stock, Not Water

It lends such a deep, complex flavor to the mashed potatoes without being overwhelming.

3. Use a potato ricer! This is the key to getting the perfectly creamy, silky, and smooth mashed potatoes. Plus, all of our other ingredients are going to blend in seamlessly.

4. Use Heavy Cream

NOT milk! if you want to indulge a little, heavy cream is the way to go. It just adds so much flavor to the potatoes, nothing can really compare.

5. Salt is Your Friend You're probably going to need more than you think. The potatoes tend to suck the salt in like crazy. 

Try these awesome recipes to up your mashed potato game.

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Classic Mashed Potatoes

Super creamy, perfect with any meal. 

Truffle Mashed Potatoes

Great for special occasion meals where you want to impress!

Boursin Mashed Potatoes

Adding your favorite Boursin cheese is the quickest way to take your potatoes up a notch!

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